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Landscape Management

There is a difference between a good landscape company and Greatland Landscape. 


We take our responsibility to manage the impact on the surrounding environment very seriously.  From water conservation efforts through smarter irrigation systems to selecting a plant palette that makes sense we are able to assess, manage and continuously improve a landscape’s environmental performance.  Sustainability is the key to the future of the landscape maintenance industry.  As the world around us changes, we too must change to ensure Greatland Landscape, Inc. provides an increasingly cost effective service as well as leaving a cleaner environment for the future.

Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program involves the use of many strategies for managing, but not eliminating the need for pesticides.  Minimizing the use of pesticides reduces water pollution and helps support soil life, which cycles nutrients and promotes resistance to plant disease.  As a last resort we use only the least toxic pesticides.

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